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Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 and post-SP4 Y2K hotfixes

Name              Size  Description
[DIR] .. <DIR> Windows NT 4.0 Y2K updates Sp4i386.exe 31.2MB Service Pack 4 Standard Download 40-bit version. more info Biosfixi.exe 1.45MB Bios Date Value Year 2000 Update. more info y2kupd.exe 726k Mfc40.dll Year 2000 Update. more info msmqfixi.exe 286k MSMQ Year 2000 Update. more info Fix1879I.EXE 262k IIS4 HTMLA Year 2000 Update. more info Q238020i.exe 548k This Y2K hotfix applies to systems running Microsoft Commercial Internet System version 2.0 and/or Microsoft Internet Information Server version 4.0. more info netfixi.exe 211k This hotfix resolves "NET USER /TIMES" Command Y2K problem. more info convlog.exe 66k new! An update to the IIS 3.0 log converter utility, convlog. more info

Updated: December 7, 1999 [Home]