Y2K tools to test and fix your hardware, your applications and your data

Name                 Size  Description
[DIR] .. <DIR> Site index ga0363.exe 180k Microsoft Diagnostic - old but handy DOS tool - is here to help you to get your computer BIOS version. bios.exe 1.34MB Viasoft OnMark 2000 BIOS Test & Fix v3.0. Resolves RTC century rollover problem. Easiest to use. Documentation enclosed. Visit Viasoft OnMark 2000 home page for more info and evaluation versions of their other tools. test2000.zip 72k RighTime's Test2000 v2.37a RTC/BIOS test plus ViewCMOS v5.15 (must have for advanced users). more info y2kure.zip 15k Interstellar Research's Y2Kure. Fixes RTC century rollover and BIOS incompliance (!). For intermediate users, more info. y2000.exe 36k NSTL's YMark2000 BIOS test version 99.01.01. more info y2k_en.exe 532k Microsoft Year 2000 Product Analyzer 2.0. more info A good tool for producing an inventory of installed Microsoft products. However, products' compliance status and necessary remediation action must be obtained from Microsoft Y2K web site. dtasns2k.zip 2.97MB DateSense2000 Ver 1.0.3. Scans code for year 2000 compliance. Might be interesting for programmers. more info milscann.zip 846k Millennium File Scanner v1.05b (scans executable files). Might be interesting for advanced users. more info MFS PRO version 2.0 downoadable for $20. demo.exe 262k Millenium Advisor (checks spreadsheet and databases). more info DM2.exe 1.86MB new version! Microsoft Date Migration Tools 2.0 for Microsoft Excel 97 and Excel 2000 (former Year 2000 Wizards for Microsoft Excel 97 and 2000). more info

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