Compliance databases and other Y2K resources

To get a vendor's Internet address go to This site features Laboratory Equipment, Medical Devices, Computer Hardware, Computer Software and other databases.

If you do not know the vendor's name exactly visit there you can get one if you know just part of it. You can also check their huge database for products you might be interested in. The disadvantage of this site is they rarely provide vendor's Internet address.

The Government's databases of commercial off the shelf applications (COTS) are extremely useful resources. I recommend the two below:
The Federal Year 2000 COTS Product Database, which is sponsored by the Federal Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council, and National Institutes of Health's (NIH) Software Compliance Database. There you can check products for compliance and proceed directly to a vendor's web site. NIH web site also features Biomedical Clearinghouse Search, Information Technology Clearinghouse Finder and Y2K Tools Search -

On MITRE's web site you can find Defense Information Systems Agency's (DISA) searcheable DISA Year 2000 COTS Product Compliance Catalog of computer hardware and software. Sadly enough, I would not recommend you to rely on MITRE's Y2K web site, which contains a lot of incorrect material.

Motherboard Manufacturer List can be found at

Need more compliance databases and info?,

As a bonus for reading all this let me give you a link to the Federal Government's Gateway for Year 2000 Information Directories - Among other resources on this web site there is an engine to search all government web sites and, even more interesting, other Y2K related sites.

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